Training your Cockatiel for beginners

Training your Cockatiel for beginners

Training your Cockatiel might seem difficult for beginners but training your Cockatiel is easier than you think.

1. Make your Cockatiel feel comfortable

Get used to the bird become friends with it. Human interaction plays a main role into to training your cockatiel into talking.

Some people believe you can train any bird into talking and be able to tame it at the same time, that is WRONG.

Instead, you need to bond with your Cockatiel and get your Cockatiel used to its environment before talking training.

If you are struggling to tame your Cockatiel, your local veterinarian or pet store owner can help you, or an experienced friend can too.

2. Always make sure your Cockatiel is healthy

Make sure your Cockatiel has enough food and water to stay healthy, also to have enough free space in it’s home to roam around.

Always make sure that your bird is in good physical health by taking it for veterinary checkups on a regular basis. If your cockatiel is feeling down or sad, it is less of a chance it wants speak to you.

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3. Make sure your Cockatiel is always happy

Give your Cockatiel lots of time and treat him like its your best friend. Training your Cockatiel to talk is part of that time you spend with him.

You also want to give your Cockatiel toys to play with and praise and affection whether it is talking or not.

A cockatiel’s brain needs to be stimulated and entertained in order for it to be happy.

Also just a reminder make sure that he has an environment that it enjoys. That way you Cockatiel feels more comfortable speaking to you.

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