Training your Canary for beginners

Training your Canary for beginners

Training your Canary might seem difficult but training your Canary is easier than you think.

1. Have your Canary get used to its surroundings

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It is better to train one Canary at a time, with one canary in a single cage in a room.

Canaries are most likely to get nervous about possible enemies around them, so wait and give your Canary some time to get used to its environment in her cage.

When training your Canary try and prevent making sudden movements and loud noises when you walk past their cage because you don’t want to scare them.

2. Keep your Canary’s cage at eye level

When training your Canary have your birds’s cage so its just on eye level with you, as your Canary becomes stressed from having to make too many movements with her head.

Put her cage in a place with some noise/activity were she can watch you become comfortable with your presence.

3. Pay close attention to your Canary

When training your Canary avoid making direct eye contact when you first walk in and sit down in your room, as many birds think direct eye contact which many birds translate it as danger.

So instead, observe pay attention to your Canary in her cage from distance. As you watch your Canary during the first couple of days, you may see that she is flitting around the cage as well as feeding, bathing and preening when your around.

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4. Talk in a quiet voice to your Canary 10 – 15 minutes a day

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When training your Canary this will have an impact on your canary getting familiar with you over a time period, and build your relationship.

Be close to her cage, whistle to her, and talk in a quiet tone. Over time, your Canary will start to get used to your voice.

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