Training your Parakeet for beginners

Training your Parakeet for beginners

Training your Parakeet might seem hard for beginners but training parakeets is easier than you think.

1. Make a Comforting Environment

When training your Parakeet you need to make the parakeet feel that they are in a secure and comfortable home in order for them together used to their surroundings. Get rid of that sense of fear.

The cage should be an ample-sized one because the Parakeet needs space in order not to feel bored, it needs to feel entertained.

When training your parakeet to its new cage, you need to make sure that the Parakeet will move in on its own. When you are training your parakeet no matter what is the situation, never attempt and put your hand in the there and make the pet to move in.

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This will be considered as a threat and your parakeet will get afraid of you and move back further into the cage.

Most importantly, when you train your parakeet you need to put the recipient cage in a lit environment. Parakeets are birds that love to get exposed to sun light, these are not bats.

Put them in a place with some activity in it, make sure that the place is not too quiet, otherwise the bird may get affected negatively by the silence.

2. Interact to Your Parakeet

Parakeets are sweet animals that need to bond to their owners in order to start interacting with them.

To make your Parakeet talk to you, you need to interact with your pet Parakeet so that it can learn and master your voice.

When training your parakeet make sure to talk consistently to your bird. Talk with it about anything and everything (and speak about your secrets in front of it at your own risk). Speak to your Parakeet like it is your friend.

if your Parakeet doesn’t respond to you at first. Make sure your voice is at a at a moderate level so your pet bird can understand you.

When training your parakeet You don’t want to shout or talk loudly to your Parakeet, or they will take it as a threat and they might fly away and that is not what you want.

3. Use the Reward Strategy

Once your bird gets familiar with its surroundings and you, you can move on and to train him what to do and then after he or she performs the trick perfectly reward them with a little treat.

The good of giving a treat whenever your bird performs a certain stunt its known as the reward strategy, and you may not know or wonder that this strategy is applied to even humans.

When training your Parakeet will learn it will work for a reward whenever it does what you ask or command it to and that it won’t receive anything if it does not listen to your commands.

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