Best Pet Birds For Kids

Best Pet Birds For Kids

Best pet birds for kids and beginners can be found in pet stores or from bird breeders.

If your child has asked for a pet bird. There are many responsibilities for taking care of a bird and bringing a bird into your home, including its care requirements, social needs, noise level, and cost.


A zebra finch perched on a branch

Finches are number one on the list one of the best pet birds for kids because they require a minimal relationship and they are pretty easy for a child to take care of.

Children especially love Finches because they are really interesting to watch and provide calming “music” with their soft chirps and chatter.

Finches don’t usually mind much interaction from humans. So if you decide on a Finch. Get a companion so they don’t get lonely and have some company.

If your child craves a bird they can really interact with, consider either a budgie or cockatiel instead which are ranked one of the best pet birds for kids. Finches are very fragile birds that require gentleness and caution because you can potentially hurt your pet Finch.


Girl with a cockatiel sitting on her shoulder

 Cockatiels are bigger than Finches and Budgies, but they’re still one of the best pet birds for kids.

Cockatiels are one of the best birds for kids because some of the things you can do are training them to talk, whistle, and also do tricks, making them an awesome pet for your child.

Cockatiels do well with older children who can devote time to spending time with them.

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They enjoy their time out of the cage and require a little bit more work than finches or budgies do. So select a cockatiel for kids who really have a desire to keep birds and learn about them.

Some responsibilities include feeding your pet Cockatiel a balanced diet (not solely seed), giving fresh water daily, tidying up their cage, and interacting with the Cockatiel.

Your child might require supervision when completing these responsibilities depending on their age, your child can still learn a lot from taking care for a bird like a Cockatiel. 

Budgies (Parakeets)

Budgies (or Parakeets)⁠—their original name is “budgerigar”⁠—Is second on the list of best pet birds for kids.

Parakeets colorful little birds could be a lot of fun for young aviculturists. They tolerate handling quite well, are relatively easy to care for, and can learn to talk.

They have little and cute personalities and often bond/closer with their owners, making them incredible companions for bird lovers.

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If your child wants a bird that will be their best friend choose a Budgie. Most hand-fed budgies are very sweet and will gladly oblige.

However, budgies are still tiny and fragile, so children should be careful when holding these gentle birds.

Budgies require a balanced diet of leafy greens, vegetables, some seed, and a formulated pelleted diet. An all-seed diet is very unhealthy for them.

Budgies can live around 5 to 10 years; a healthy diet has a main role in its life.


pet bird good for kids

A Canary can one of the best pet birds for kids because by itself it keeps itself entertained with its song. So you don’t need to spend as much time with your pet Canary as you need with other birds.

A canary doesn’t come out of the cage, so you only need to give your canary bird food, water and cage cleaning. The Canary doesn’t need one-on-one play time.

A canary can live up to 15 year, with a proper diet and water provided to them daily to help them to live longer.

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